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Course MAPS Certification Exam

Online exam to obtain the MAPS Certification. Only available to candidates who’ve successfully applied for enrolment. ... View more

MAPS Certification Exam


From July 1, 2024, it will be mandatory for all assessments that at least the lead assessor has obtained the MAPS Certification.

The dates for the 2024 cohorts are below:

1st cohort: applications can be submitted until 11 March 12:00 (CET).

2nd cohort: 21-24 May (applications to be submitted before 14 May 12:00 (CEST)).

3rd cohort: 17-21 June (applications to be submitted before 10 June (CEST)).

4th cohort: 15-19 July (applications to be submimtted before 8 July 12:00 (CEST)).

5th cohort: 26-30 August (applications to be submitted before 19 August 12:00 (CEST)).

6th cohort: 23-27 September (applications to be submimtted before 16 September (CEST)).

7th cohort: 21-25 October (applications to be submitted before 14 October 12:00 (CEST)).

8th cohort: 18-22 November (applications to be submitted before 12 November 12:00 (CET)).

9th cohort: 2-6 December (applications to be submitted before 25 November 12.00 (CET))

Enrolment in the MAPS Certification Exam is limited to candidates who have the skills and qualifications listed in the Profile of MAPS Assessors found on the MAPS website. Candidates will only need to live up to the profile described for assessors, not the one for lead assessors.

In addition, candidates must fulfil one of the following requirements:

o   Demonstrated completion of MAPS Fundamentals and MAPS for Assessors in the MAPS e-learning programme.

o   Demonstrated completion of MAPS for Assessors in the MAPS e-learning programme and participation as an assessor in a MAPS assessment that has been published with the MAPS Seal of Approval.

To apply for enrolment, please submit the application form found here.

Candidates who wish to enrol in the exam will be screened by the MAPS Secretariat to ensure that they fulfil the conditions listed above.

Please note that the exam is run in four cohorts per year (one per quarter) with a limited number of places in each cohort. This means that you are not guaranteed a spot even if you meet the conditions listed here. Places will be given on a first-come-first-served basis. If we have to close a cohort due to over-subscription, we will defer candidates who fulfil the requirements to the next cohorts.

The MAPS Secretariat will evaluate candidates on the basis of the information provided. If the information is incomplete or unclear, for whatever reason, the Secretariat reserves all rights to reject candidates. All decisions on applications are final. Rejected candidates can reapply for any subsequent exam cohort